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I'm designing your games, selling branded versions of my games and customising my games to your needs. Got a game design job for me? Get in touch!
Below are some highlights, the full list of all my games is in the bottom right or on my blog.
Aalter, Belgium BTW BE-0819666430

Mobile game development

'Sugar, Sugar' for Android and iOS

App store rating: 4.5/5 after 25000+ purchases

“A simple idea so sweetly designed your cup will soon overfloweth with fun, 'Sugar, Sugar' plays like a game that was meant to be on the touch screen all along; the production is seamless and well suited for players of every age” (jayisgames)

“best mobile physics game of 2012: 3rd place” (best of 2012 awards)

“app van de maand dec 2012” (clickx)

Games blog

Looking for the bontegames blog where I bring you links to the newest interesting web games?
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Web game development

'Factory balls'

“It's hard to go wrong with a Bart Bonte game. Everything Bart produces is tons of fun and Factory Balls 3 is no exception. With its cutesy visuals and kicking soundtrack, Factory Balls 3 is one of the best time wasters around.” (jayisgames)

My games, your branding

Special versions of my games can be made with your branding, see for example the original version of my game Full Moon and this rebranded version.

3D game development


“Itís clever stuff, both technically and in terms of its theme, which seems to be a rumination on the wide variety of ways that game designers can convey information.” (EDGE)

My games, fully customised

My games can be fully customised to suite your needs, see for example the original version of my game Must Pop Words and this fully customised version with a German/Italian wordlist.

My full games list

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