14 locks, walkthrough / solution

Here's everything you always wanted to know about '14 locks' but were afraid to ask: it's the complete '14 locks' solution! You can play the game '14 locks' here. The first part of this pages contains some minimal hints to help you through the levels, the second part shows the full solution, so please don't scroll too much down if you only want some hints.

14 locks, minimal hints:

14locks: Just scan the walls to see if you can find something.

13locks: Keep scanning those walls.

12locks: Have a good look at those brown pillars in the middle.

11locks: Scan the walls for something that might give a clue for the code.

10locks: Have a good look at those light beams on the ceiling.

9locks: What could we count in this room?

8locks: And what can we count in here?

7locks: Yes, I think you might want to go all the way up there.

6locks: Do the holes in the wall remind you of something else in the room?

5locks: Have a good look at the shape of the room.

4locks: What can you do with each group of letters?

3locks: Can you spot 3 digit shapes?

2locks: Maybe you should try to look at things from a different perspective?

1locks: Remember it used to start so easy with just scanning the walls for a code?

14 locks, full solution:

14locks: The 3-digit code is written on the wall: 936.

13locks: The 3-digit code is written on the wall: 825.

12locks: The pillars have shapes of digits: 184.

11locks: 5 vertices, 3 vertices, 4 vertices: 534.

10locks: The light beams form digits: 714.

9locks: Count the number of bumps in each corridor: 648.

8locks: Count the number of stairs: 864.

7locks: Look down at the top: 721.

6locks: The holes in the wall correspond to the code panel on the door: 346.

5locks: The room is the shape of a 4, a 1 and a 1: 411.

4locks: Put the letters in the right order to form: 014.

3locks: You walk on a 1, then through a zero, the door is in a 1: 101.

2locks: Go to corner and look behind: 741.

1locks: The 3-digit code is written on the wall: 906.

Enjoy some fresh air!

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