factory balls FOREVER

Remember that quirky little Flash browser game 'factory balls' from a while ago? Well the Flash player might be dead soon, but that quirky game lives on! Did you know there's a 'factory balls' for pc and mobile with a completely new design and over 200 levels? No? Yes! Maybe? Well, if you want to own Factory Balls forever, here's your chance! Get the 200+ levels version from your favourite store:

Want to try it out first? I got you! Because here's a new and free 25 level html5 appetizer for your browser, enjoy:


What started at First as a tiny 14-level Flash game for a 'ball physics' themed game design competition back in 2007, has grown into a classic puzzle game with hundreds of Original levels custom crafted at the bontgames desk. Some of these balls were even tested in the Real world (see this Exclusive footage from inside a real balls factory). Praised by VIPs and adored by Every 'factory balls' lover in the world, 'factory balls', the puzzle game, can now be Really yours forever, for a small amount of money:


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