furiosity, a Bart Bonte game
Strip away every layer of the game, not mindlessly, but by logical thinking.
In the end, the first person to solve every level, will win something possibly amazing...

There is now an official winner of Furiosity, read all about it here.

Furiosity was built for this game jam, centered around the theme of making a game in a genre you hate.
If you follow the mobile apps world, you will certainly have heard about 'Curiosity',
the pseudo-game by Peter Molyneux where everyone is tapping blocks away from a giant cube
with the purpose of clicking away the very last block, and to find out what
'life-changing amazing' thing is inside.
Some people think 'Curiosity' is a genius social experiment, others think it promotes mindless idiocy.
Anyway, it made me create 'Furiosity' on a whim, or what Curiosity would have been if it was actually a game.

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