'Where is cat?', the evergrowing collection of adventures of the Bonte cat who likes to play hide-and-seek, a puzzle game collection for your mobile phone or tablet:


'Where is cat?' started as a small family project created for the oujevipo4kids contest, a game jam organised by l'Oujevipo for games targeted at young kids (aged 6 and older). Since one of the constraints of the contest was that the game had to be partly made by children I proposed to my own kids (aged 5, 8 and 10) to make a game together and they immediately loved the idea. We sat together for a brainstorm around the traditional children's game 'hide-and-seek' and came up with the story for the game. Not only the concept came from the children, they also drew a lot of the individual graphics that were later imported and processed. My children were so proud of our family creation and I can confirm that making a game together with your kids is a lot of fun!

Our 'Where is cat?' PC game was picked as a finalist for the contest and exhibited on a custom made arcade cabinet in several places in France. Children had to crawl into a mousehole to play the game.

The game inspired me to make more Bonte cat games and now everyone with a mobile device can enjoy the adventures of the Bonte cat with the 'Where is cat?' app. The app includes our original family creation and the brand new adventures of Bonte cat. Every time I complete a new Bonte cat adventure it is added as a free update to the app.
You can get it from your favorite app store here:


'Where is cat?' is a bontegames game by Bart Bonte (c) 2015-2016